Use Case Development


We develop and organize use cases so that clients can understand how their products are used and the solutions that are needed. Use cases are very powerful for B2B technology products since inherent within the use cases are the key benefits (needs) of the customer.

Our process is to first talk with experts in the area to gain an understanding of possible use cases. We then survey target users to determine relevancy and size as well as gain a significant amount of detail of what they do, related data, databases and technologies used, and other key issues.

We use our unique process, POETIC, to develop in-depth use cases:

  • P: who are the People involved and their roles
  • O: what physical Objects do they use
  • E: what is the Environment for usage (when, where, etc.)
  • T: Tasks that are performed that are relevant
  • I: Information needs and what they do with the information
  • C: what are the Compelling points (e.g. features and functionality) that compels usage and/or purchase

We have created use cases for HP, Google, Motorola, Cisco and many more technology and medical device companies. Creating a useful framework for the client is key, which requires understanding the needs of the stakeholders and developing an in-depth understanding of the markets. (See Sample Deliverables for an Example).